One of our new employees took the chance and joined our 8 Days Around Iceland Winter Minibus Tour.
Whenever she explores new places, she is keen to write entries in her travel journal. We are pleased to announce that we are allowed to publish her impressions in this post:



Golden Circle

Day 1

Today started quite early for me, as I wanted to make sure that I have everything packed for the upcoming adventure. Hiking Boots, Waterproof Clothes and a bathing suit are simply a must along the Ring Road Trip.
Sighvatur, our super experienced guide, informed us that the weather is going to turn a bit lousy from noon on. Our travel itinerary will adapt according to weather conditions.

Prepared for the Icelandic weather, we started the Golden Circle by visiting Thingvellir National Park. Our first sighted waterfall was Öxarárfoss, but we knew that there are many more to come. The thin icicles along the basalt rock formations were stunning. We learned that every waterfall in Iceland has the ending “-foss” as it stands for “waterfall” in English.
Up next, was Gullfoss. A powerful one that I had already seen once but the water had a much nicer color this time. Nevertheless, the wind felt as cold as last time. Especially hard to take pictures if your fingers are freezing every time you take your gloves off 😉

Afterwards we visited Geysir and its famous Strokkur. Funny that my pictures mostly turned out to be blurred as the sudden eruption kept surprising me every four to ten minutes. After our lunch break, Sighvatur added an extra stop at Kerid Crater for us. The hike around this colorful site was stunning even though the wind was against us.

Back on the road, we had a sunny time window ahead of us. We were even able to see the Westman Islands from afar. That’s the place of Iceland’s largest puffin colony.
Arriving at Seljalandsfoss, the wind was not too bad, so I did not get totally soaked when going behind the waterfall. Tröll Expeditions showed us the hidden gem Gljúfrabúi as well, and standing in such a canyon, hearing the incredible sound of powerful, splashing water is unbelievable.
The last stop, Skogafoss was my favourite waterfall of today. Now in times of the worldwide pandemic we even had this place all to ourselves.

Tonight we will spend at Hotel Katla, which is located in a peaceful area near Vik.