EUR TREK customers hereby accepts below terms and conditions for service of EUR TREK.


  1. General terms

1.1 While we always try to deliver the best service we possibly can, we have created these terms and conditions to protect both of us. Your safety is our first rule. Our Clients must be fit enough for the activity they participate in and must meet the requirements stated in the description of the tours clients of EUR TREK accept that the tour or activity is taken at their own risk.

1.2 Clients must dress and act according to weather conditions and follow instructions of the guides. EUR TREK does not have liability for any accidents, injuries or illness caused by the clients’ actions or failure to follow our instructions or advice, or the weather and other fore majeure.

1.3 The Icelandic law requires all passengers to fasten their seat belts while on board. Not complying with the law can lead to accidents.

1.4 EUR TREK has the right to change itineraries according to weather and road conditions. We advise all travelers to purchase travel insurance to avoid or minimize losses.



  1. Reservations and payments

2.1 Making a reservation from EUR TREK website means acknowledging that you have read, understood, and agreed to all our terms and conditions.

2.2 Bookings can be made directly through EUR TREK website or other EUR TREK partners. Any questions or problems you might encounter during the booking process, please contact our Customer Service Team via email

2.3 Make sure to complete all necessary information including correct date/time and your correct phone number and email address while making the reservation online, once the payment is done, you will receive a confirmation by email with a voucher, which must be presented on the day of your tour. In case you did not have all booking information correct, please contact immediately as it might not be possible to make any changes to your reservation once it gets closer to the departure date. EUR TREK is not responsible for mistakes in the booking process.

2.4 If you do not know your pickup location at the time of booking, you can add or change your pick up location later by emailing our Customer Service Team, but this must be done at least 24 hours before the departure time of the tour. If our Customer Service Team does not receive information about your pick up location 24 hours before departure, EUR TREK cannot be responsible if you miss the tour.

2.5 For multi-day tours, a single fee supplement is mandatory. If your booking is made for 1 single person for a multi-day tour you must pay the single supplement to get a single hotel room during the stay.


2.6 Please note that all prices for the services provided by EUR TREK are in Icelandic Krona (ISK), there might be exchange fluctuations if you look at the prices in other currencies. Any other fees such as transaction fees or credit card provider handling fees may be applied to your booking, which will be covered by the customer. In case you cancel a tour more than 24 hours before the departure time, a 3% transaction fee will be charged.



  1. Modifications, Cancellations and refunds

3.1 All changes and cancellation requests must be sent to EUR TREK in writing by email to, and the cancellation will not be final until it is confirmed by EUR TREK.

3.2 Tours and activities can be cancelled up to 24 hours before departure time of the booked tour and full refund can be granted. If a cancellation request is sent less than 24 hours before the departure time of the tour, no refund will be granted. For any extra items and activities chosen with multi-day tours, the same cancellation policy applies.

Rented gears and boots for the tours are non-refundable.


Activities & Day Tours MultiDay Tours
> 24 hours 100% refund* depends on the  product  *
< 24 hours 0% refund 0% refund

*In case you cancel a tour more than 24 hours before the departure time, a 3% transaction fee from the website will not be refunded.


3.3 If you are late for check-in or did not show up for a tour pickup at the time stated on your voucher, your seat on the tour cannot be guaranteed and no refund will be given, whatever the reason that made you late.

3.4 Requests for partial refunds need to be addressed within 2 weeks after the completion of a tour.


  1. Changesor Cancellations by EUR TREK

4.1 EUR TREK reserves the right to change itineraries or schedules according to weather or road conditions.

If a tour is cancelled, EUR TREK will offer an alternative tour without additional cost or give full refund.

4.2 For northern lights hunting tours which depends on weather conditions, sightings of northern lights cannot be guaranteed. If the tour is cancelled by EUR TREK, a full refund will be given. If a customer joins the tour and there are no sightings of the northern lights, the voucher can be used for another northern lights tour with us, but this can only be used by the same passengers who joined the tour.

4.3  EUR TREK reserves all rights to cancel tours if a minimum of four passengers has not been reached for a tour 24 hours before tour departure time. EUR TREK might move your booking to a partner operator if a minimum of four passengers has not been reached for a tour 24 hours before departure time. The tour will be similar in visiting stops and duration.

4.4 EUR TREK reserves the right to refuse service to customers who may not be fit enough for the tour or activity, and no refunds will be granted in this case.

4.5 Customers under the influence of alcohol or other substances will be prohibited from joining the tour or activity. and no refunds will be granted in this case.



  1. Client Responsibility

5.1 We at EUR TEK take your safety seriously, You must have a level of fitness suitable for your chosen tour and you are responsible for bringing the appropriate equipment.

5.2 By booking an activity with EUR TREK, you accept the risks involved in this sort of tour. EUR TREK is not responsible for any injuries or losses sustained whilst clients are on tours with EUR TREK whether the booking was made on our websites or via a third party.

5.3 The client assumes responsibility for their own personal luggage and belongings, proof of experience and actions while on tour. We will not be responsible for any loss, damage to your luggage or personal belongings.

5.4  Individual travel insurance is not included in the quoted prices. We highly recommend all our clients to purchase their own travel insurances including compensation for medical costs and cancellation fees, to cover unforeseen circumstances.

5.5 In case of an emergency or medical rescue, the responsibility of such costs will be borne by the client.




  1. EUR TREKLiability

6.1 EUR TREK has the liability for the negligence of its employees who cause direct physical injury to passengers to the extent which is obliged under Icelandic law.

6.2 EUR TREK is not responsible for flight cancellations, vehicle accidents, strikes, illness, government policies, police intervention or other force majeure.


  1. Legal Venue

7.1 The customer and EUR TREK hereby accept the district of Reykjavik, Iceland, where the services are being supplied, as the proper legal venue.

7.2 Icelandic law shall apply to any legal issues that arise between the two parties.


The client confirms specifically:
a. That he or she has studied in detail and agrees to the general terms and conditions, specifically about the responsibility of EUR TREK.
b. That the agreement for services with EUR TREK is entered into in its own benefit only.
c. EUR TREK reserves the copy right to all media content created on tours and customers accept these terms.