Magic Icelandic Trail – Polar Aurora Theme 8-day Tour with Aurora Photography

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If you want to see the mysterious aurora in winter, you can book this 8-day 7-night tour that will cover all the attractions along Iceland’s roundabout, and you can also observe the romantic aurora on winter nights! Enjoy a different and charming Icelandic snow scenery!  

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8 day



√ 8-16 person boutique Chinese small group √ Whole process aurora themed photography and teaching of aurora photography √ Comfortable 7-night stay with morning accommodation throughout the journey √ Give at least 2 Aurora Chasing experiences as a gift √ Featured Blue Ice Cave Exploration Experience

Free Cancellation

Free Cancellation

14 days in advance for free refund and modification


If you want to see the mysterious aurora in winter, you can book this 8-day 7-night tour that will cover all the attractions along Iceland’s roundabout, and you can also observe the romantic aurora on winter nights! Enjoy a different and charming Icelandic snow scenery!



Day 1 - 🚩 Arrive at Keflavík International Airport, pick up in Chinese

You will arrive at Keflavík International Airport in Iceland, and take the airport bus to Reykjavik, the capital. After arriving in Reykjavik, you will be staying at the hotel and the rest of the time will be at your own disposal. You can explore the endless fun of this world’s northernmost capital, visit museums, art galleries, browse boutiques, or experience Iceland’s culinary culture at bars or restaurants, experiencing the avant-garde of Nordic culture and the tranquility of urban life. If you have plenty of time, you can also go to Blue Lake Hot Springs to relieve the fatigue of your journey and accumulate energy for the next journey. The spring water of Blue Lake Hot Spring is as blue and warm as the sky. The unique silicon mud facial mask can improve the skin condition and revitalize you.




Leishi Comfortable Single Bathroom Accommodation with Breakfast


Chinese pick-up

Day 2 - 🚩Singevillier National Park+Geyser+Golden Falls in the Golden Circle

The next day, you will depart from Reykjavik and head to the most famous Icelandic scenic area – the Golden Circle. You will first visit Singh Villier National Park( Þ Ingvellir). Singhvilir is one of the three national parks in Iceland and also a United Nations world cultural heritage: in 930 AD, Icelanders established their own parliament here, Al þ Ingi. In addition to its extraordinary historical and cultural significance, Singh Villier is also an extremely important geographical coordinate. The Mid Atlantic Ridge runs through it, where two major geological plates intersect. Numerous canyons and fissures showcase the wonders of nature without reservation. The next stop is Geysir, where you will enjoy the spectacular Strokkur Geyser. Strokkur is exceptionally active, erupting a water column of over 20 meters every few minutes. There are also many geothermal fountains and vents on the geothermal area, telling the story of the activity and vitality of the Icelandic land. Finally, you will come to Golden Waterfall, one of the most beautiful and shocking waterfalls in Iceland. The waterfall divides into two layers and flows into the ancient canyon. In winter, the waterfall is covered in silver and the scenery is even more charming. After the tour, you will head to the southern coast of Iceland and stay at a rural hotel. Remember to pay attention to the night sky, the Northern Lights may appear tonight!




Comfortable single bathroom accommodation on the south bank, including breakfast

Day 3 - 🚩 Seleyalan Falls+Skoga Falls+Black Beach+Vic

On the third day, you will travel along the beautiful southern coast of Iceland, experiencing the diverse scenery and exploring many famous Icelandic natural attractions. Firstly, you will visit two waterfalls: Seljalandsfoss and Sk ó gafoss. Although the two waterfalls have the same height, their landscapes are completely different. The Sereyalan Falls have a narrow and long waterfall flow, with the cliff walls sinking inward, forming a cave. If the ground is dry and ice free, you can also reach behind the waterfall and enjoy the beautiful scenery in all directions. Skoga Falls is even more majestic, with a wide and magnificent waterfall. We will visit Vatnajokull Glacier, and take a bird’s-eye view of the southern coast of Iceland at Dyrh ó laey ý Beautiful scenery such as rdalsj ö kull is panoramic. You will also come to the otherworldly Reynisfjara Beach to admire the magnificent Reynisdrangar pillars towering amidst the Atlantic waves and the nearby town of V í k.




Comfortable single bathroom accommodation on the south bank, including breakfast

Day 4 - 🚩Watner Glacier+Jiegu Salon Jökulsárlón+Diamond Beach+Blue Ice Cave Experience

The the fourth day is full of highlights. You will continue to travel on the south bank of Iceland to visit the famous natural beauty of Iceland: the Jegu Sharon Jökulsárlón (J ö kuls á rl ó n). The Jökulsárlón in Jiegu Salon is known as the pearl on the natural crown of Iceland. In the eyes of many people, the Jökulsárlón in Jiegu Salon is the most beautiful natural wonder in Iceland. On the peaceful lake surface, there are many huge ice blocks floating, which have broken off from the glacier and drifted quietly into the sea. There are also many seals living in the glaciers and lakes. Their charmingly naive appearance really makes people laugh. People call the beach beside the Jökulsárlón “Diamond Ice Beach”. The ice washed back to the shore is displayed on the black beach, shining like diamonds. The whole Jiegu Salon Jökulsárlón area is as quiet, beautiful and intoxicating as a fairyland at the end of the world.




Eastern comfortable single bathroom accommodation with breakfast


Blue Ice Cave Experience

Day 5 - 🚩Fjord scenery+Eastern fishing village+Lagarflj ó t lake+VOK characteristic hot spring experience

On the fifth day, you will leave the southern coast of Iceland and continue your journey around the island, exploring the pristine and wild eastern fjords of Iceland. Along the way, the charming scenery of fjords, mountains, coasts, and villages will surely make you linger and forget to return. We will reserve enough time for you to sightseeing and take photos. The eastern fjord in winter is even colder and more charming, with the vast snowy scenery adding a sense of world end to the fjord; On the winding fjord road, you will occasionally encounter small and lovely villages. The wild animals in the eastern fjord are also very active and diverse, and you have the opportunity to see various rare creatures such as reindeer living in this area. Our guide will guide you to unlock a few niche attractions in the eastern region of Iceland, allowing you to deeply appreciate the isolated beauty of Iceland’s fjords.




Eastern or northern comfortable single bathroom accommodation with breakfast included


VOK Special Hot Spring Experience in Eastern Town

Day 6 - 🚩 Dettifoss+Mihu Lake+Volcano Crater+Black Castle+Goðafoss+Akureyri

On the sixth day, you will explore the unique scenery of Mi Lake (M ý Vatn) region. The steaming mud pool, beautiful lava layer, and unforgettable fishing village all make Mi Lake particularly special. You will go to Dimuborgir to experience the magical lava structure group, with various shaped lava columns and cliffs forming a strange natural maze. It is said that this is the residence of trolls, elves, and Icelandic Santa Claus. Perhaps you will have the privilege of seeing these mythological creatures with your own eyes. Next is N á maskar ð Geothermal zone, where you will personally experience the steaming land shrouded in smoke, giving you the feeling of being on an alien planet. Next stop, you will go to Akureyri, and along the way you will go to Goðafoss ð AFoss) stop for sightseeing. The Goðafoss witnessed the great changes in the history of History of Iceland. In 1000 AD, when Iceland was a Christian religion, the parliament law preached that people would throw the Nordic pagan gods into the waterfall to announce the decision of Iceland’s state religion reform. The waterfall is as high as 12 meters, and the snowy scenery wrapped in silver in winter is incredibly pure and charming. You can frame this beautiful waterfall from multiple angles. If weather conditions permit, don’t forget to look up for the beautiful northern lights.




Northern comfortable single bathroom accommodation with breakfast included

Day 7 - 🚩 Northern fishing village+going out to sea for whale watching+western fjord Leishi

On the seventh day, you will first come to the picturesque town of Hauganes to experience the tranquility and peace of the unique northern corner of Iceland. You can stroll leisurely on the black beaches and port areas of the seaside, breathing the cold air that carries the breath of the Atlantic, and enjoying the tranquility of a rural life alone. The bay outside the town of Hauganes is still home to whales and dolphins. If you want to upgrade your travel experience, you can take a boat out to sea and join a whale watching tour group to find the magnificent traces of the gentle giants of the ocean. There are many seals living in the Hauganes area, so you may encounter one or two cute little creatures dancing in the water and sleeping on the shore! Continuing along Highway 1, you will return to the capital city of Reykjavik. You can explore the city life of the world’s northernmost capital on your own, stroll through travel souvenir shops, leisurely drink a cup of coffee in a caf é, or taste authentic Icelandic cuisine in a restaurant.




Leishi Comfortable Single Bathroom Accommodation with Breakfast


Whale watching activities in northern fishing villages

Day 8 - 🚩 Free movement, drop off, departure

The eighth day is the last day of your trip to Iceland. According to your flight schedule, you can use your free time to visit Reykjavik and take airport buses to the airport on time; If you have not yet experienced Blue Lake Hot Springs, you can also seize the last opportunity to relax and prepare for the next journey. Looking forward to meeting you again in Iceland!




Chinese delivery

General Information


National Day limit (only 4 group periods):

September 26th, October 1st,

October 4th, October 8th




8 day



Minimum age



1. One price all inclusive, no additional payment for visiting tourist attractions

2. Aurora themed tour, full aurora photography guidance, free aurora photography.

3. Include at least 2 Aurora Chasing themed experiences throughout the entire journey

4. Door to Door transfer service (non airport bus)

5. Blue Ice Cave Exploration Experience

6. VOK Special Hot Spring Experience in Eastern Town

7. Experience of Watching Whales at Sea

8. Full 7-night comfortable and characteristic accommodation standard room with one bathroom standard (including European breakfast)

9. Visa 1:1 service (material specialist review+filling out forms on behalf of others+visa submission appointment+machine wine itinerary+gift visa insurance policy)

Not Included

The itinerary does not include lunch and dinner

Director's tip of 48 euros per person (¥ 370) will be paid as soon as the itinerary is completed

Please note

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and are not controlled by legal entities. This itinerary is designed to observe the northern lights, and if weather permits, it can maximize your chances of observing the aurora in Iceland.

We may need to adjust the itinerary based on the specific date and time of your arrival to better suit your flight schedule.

When encountering extreme weather, the additional items you have selected may be cancelled due to weather reasons. When such a situation occurs, we will assist you in changing the arrangement and refund the difference to you.

- Refund and modification policy: Free refund and modification 14 days in advance, 20% of the group fee will be deducted from the refund and modification within 14 days (including 7 days), and the full payment will be deducted from the refund and modification within 7 days (including 7 days). If the customer needs to cancel due to personal reasons, please send an email to Cancel the confirmation email and we will refund the guest's group fee according to the refund and modification rules. (When placing an order to pay foreign currencies such as euros and pounds on the website, customers must bear the international transfer fee of 3% on their own.)

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