Iceland + Finland + Norway + Sweden -10 days and 9 nights to unlock fairy tale towns

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Price from 563,455 ISK
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10 day



✓ 66 ° 33 min N ✓ The Arctic Circle crosses Lapland at the northern end of Finland

✓ It is the most fairy tale town in the world ✓ It is also the officially recognized hometown of Santa Claus

✓ One trip to Norway, Finland, and explore the entire Lapland region

✓ Boutique within 8 Icelandic small groups ✓ Chinese company leader ✓ 2 minimum order iron hair groups

✓ Optional Aircraft wreckage niche attractions ✓ Golden Circle ✓ Skoga Falls ✓ Seryalan Falls

✓ Jiegu Salon Jökulsárlón ✓ Diamond Black Beach ✓ Optional Blue Ice Cave

✓ Iceland's Aurora Chasing Experience

Free Cancellation

Free Cancellation

3 months in advance can be refunded and modified for free, and cannot be refunded or modified within 3 months



Day 1 - Welcome to Iceland - Shuttle Bus - Aurora Chasing * - Reykjavik - Blue Lake Hot Springs

Coming to Iceland is like coming to a paradise and embarking on a journey away from the hustle and bustle of the world. After landing from Keflavík International Airport, you have about 40 minutes to leave the customs. After picking up the itinerary, present the electronic ticket directly at the airport bus manual counter at the exit to exchange and board the bus.


We provide shuttle buses from the airport to hotels in the city.


Special instructions:


**The check in time for the Icelandic hotel is after 15pm. If you arrive earlier, you can temporarily store your luggage at the hotel front desk.


Arriving in the capital city of Reykjavik


On the way to the capital city of Reykjavik, we passed through a vast lava landscape resembling the surface of the moon. This is also the first impression that many tourists have of Iceland.


We have carefully selected a comfortable and cozy hotel for you, located in the urban area of Reykjavik, with convenient travel and perfect for you to explore this world’s northernmost capital.


In the evening, you can enjoy the colorful small houses in Reykjavik with a relaxed mood and enjoy the rich Nordic style. Enjoy a meal of Icelandic cuisine on the pedestrian street in the city center.


Starting from Lei City to Chase the Aurora Experience (1 complimentary)


We specially arranged a 4-hour Aurora Chasing experience around 9 pm that evening. (If weather conditions do not allow further rescheduling)


Accommodation: Reykjavik City, Capital

Day 2 - 🚩 South Bank of Iceland - Sereyalan Falls - Skoga Falls - Aircraft wreckage * - Vick Black Beach - Vick Church Sereyalan Falls

Upon arrival, you will enjoy the powerful theatrical effects of the Sereyalan Falls. Bring a raincoat and you can take a short hike behind the waterfall. The scene behind the fall and the trembling ground due to the force of falling into the water are automatically captured in large films!


Skoga Falls


Along the coast and further east is the Skoga Falls. The scenery of Sk ó gafoss is picturesque: hidden in a small canyon, the Sk ó g á River rolls down a 60 meter high cliff and continues to flow along the landscape towards the Atlantic Ocean. Along the canyon, the stairs can take you to the shelf above the waterfall and enjoy the magnificent scenery. This waterfall is wider than the Seliyaland Waterfall. It is formed by melting water from the Eyjafjallajökull glacier. The ice cover covers the Eyjafjallaj ö kull volcano. The world will never forget the massive eruption of the Eyjafjallaj ö kull volcano in 2010, when even European routes were forced to be temporarily closed.


Aircraft wreckage


In 1973, a US Navy aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on the black beach of S ó lheimasandur on the southern coast of Iceland due to a malfunction, and has since been abandoned here. On a desolate and vast black sand beach, the tattered rough metal body is even more poignant, mysterious, and shocking against the backdrop of dark sandstone. A landscape like the end of the day perfectly interprets Iceland’s sense of isolation and otherness, attracting many local and global photographers to visit. Nowadays, this has become one of the most exciting destinations for checking in and taking photos in Iceland. (Aircraft wreckage stays for 30 minutes)


*Self funded experience: Aircraft wreckage shuttle (reference price: 20 €/person/round trip)


Choose a convenient and fast shuttle bus to one of the most popular niche attractions on the southern coast of Iceland; You don’t need to hike for 2 hours to climb over the vast black sand beach, and you can easily reach the wreckage of the DC-3 plane. Check in the mysterious scenery at the end of the world and upgrade your travel experience on the southern coast of Iceland.


Note: Due to factors such as the number of Icelandic tourists and weather conditions, if the aircraft wreckage shuttle company is unable to operate, our company will make adjustments to the plan:


Due to personal safety considerations, if a shuttle bus fails to operate as scheduled for any reason at the aircraft wreckage attraction, the attraction will not be visited and the travel time will be arranged to other attractions on that day without further notice.


Reynisfjara Black Beach


We visited the Black Beach of Reynisfjara, where the Atlantic coastline presents huge waves that impact the unique basalt pillars on the cliffs above the sand. You can see D in the distance ý The cliff of rh ó laey. This region in the south is also a paradise for bird enthusiasts, with seabirds, razors, and dozens of other species nesting on these cliffs during the summer.


Accommodation: Accommodation in non capital areas of Iceland, our promised accommodation standards are comfortable accommodations or rural hotels (including breakfast in a private bathroom), not rated as star rated. Due to the fact that the area after leaving the capital region is mostly inaccessible, the overall supporting facilities are relatively simple.

Day 3 - 🚩 Tundra Landform - Jiegu Salon Glacier Lake - Blue Ice Cave Exploration * - Diamond Black Beach - Aurora

Jagu Sharon Jökulsárlón J ö kuls á rl ó n is a 200 meter deep glacial lagoon, which is composed of Brei, the outlet glacier of Europe’s largest glacier Watna Glacier ð Melting supply of amerkurj ö kull. The huge iceberg also comes from Brei all year round ð Amerkurj ö kull fell, so lagoons are usually filled with ice floating southward.


Blue Ice Cave


Iceland’s natural journey continues by taking a super Jeep to explore ice caves. Your tour guide will share with you his professional knowledge of ice caves, allowing you to truly appreciate this amazing natural phenomenon – Crystal Blue Ice Cave… it will be blue.


Self funded experience: Super off-road vehicle blue ice cave exploration


In winter in Iceland, various blue ice caves will naturally form in the Watna Glacier area every year. This time, we choose to start from the Jagu Sharon Glacier, take a super off-road vehicle to the depths of the glacier to explore the largest blue ice cave. After getting off in the area near the ice cave, we need to wear necessary safety equipment and walk into the dreamy blue ice cave. There you will have some time to explore and take photos, and when there is sufficient sunlight, you will have a rare opportunity to capture the mysterious blue light passing through the glacier. During your adventure, an expert guide will explain how these glacial ice sheets formed. The total experience is about 3 hours, of which the actual walking time is about 1.5 hours.


Please note that the weather in Iceland during winter is unpredictable, and we will adjust the time to explore the Blue Ice Cave based on the actual weather conditions.


Diamond Beach


On the other side of the road, icebergs from the Jagu Sharon Glacier Lagoon float in the Atlantic Ocean, where they are quickly blown back to the shore by tides and winds. This black beach is covered with small ice blocks of various shapes and sizes, shining like diamonds in the sunlight. Ice itself has various shades of white and blue, creating a beautiful contrast.


Special note: Aurora borealis experience (stay indoors and watch the aurora near the hotel area)


After arriving at our hotel in the south, you will meet with your guide after dinner to learn more about the northern lights, weather, and aurora forecasts. If the sky is clear and the forecast is good, we can wait for the magic to begin near the hotel. Our southern hotels are prioritized in small town areas and excellent locations that avoid light pollution, providing guests with more convenient conditions to enjoy the aurora.


**Accommodation: Accommodation in non capital areas of Iceland, our promised accommodation standards are comfortable accommodations or rural hotels (including breakfast in a private bathroom), not rated as star rated. Due to the fact that the area after leaving the capital region is mostly inaccessible, the overall supporting facilities are relatively simple.

Day 4 - 🚩 Golden Circle | Golden Falls - Group photo of Icelandic horse - Geyser - Parliament Site Park

Today you will follow your local guide to visit the famous natural scenic spot of The Golden Circle in Iceland. The Golden Circle is named after Golden Waterfall, which is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Iceland. Not far from Golden Waterfall is the Geyser geothermal area, which erupts every 5-8 minutes, sometimes up to 20-25 meters high.


You can also visit the magnificent Singh Villier National Park, which is recognized as a historic site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.


The guide is experienced and has a good understanding of Iceland. We will explain the relevant knowledge of the scenic area to you, making your journey interesting. At every scenic spot, you have ample time to explore and play.


We set off in a small group of 8 people, which can provide you with more private space and a better personalized travel experience compared to the bus group.

Day 5 - Self flying to Helsinki, Finland - Shuttle pick up * - Feel the winter charm of Lapland's Arctic Circle - Arctic train (overnight)

Welcome to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Based on the different flight times when you land at the Vanta International Airport in Helsinki, you can choose your own shuttle service. If you arrive early, you can visit by yourself. The capital of Finland has a strong sense of design, which is suitable for transit travel. Helsinki, Finland, is known as “a white city in the north”. It is a garden city that combines urban architecture with natural scenery, classical beauty and modern civilization. The city exudes the charm of a metropolis and the elegance of a Nordic style, with countless distinctive buildings and museums. The bustling port also makes Helsinki praised as the “daughter of the Baltic Sea”. Strolling through the city, Finland’s past glorious traditions and modern taste of life complement each other, creating a captivating and charming scenery. In the evening, we will arrange a VR sleeper for you from Helsinki Central Railway Station to the Arctic Circle. The reference time of the train is 20:20 from Helsinki Central Railway Station -07:52 the next day when you arrive in Kemi, northern Finland




VR Train Sleeper (Helsinki Kemi)


Event Transportation:


Excluding self paid airport pickup projects




Food and beverage not included today

Day 6 - 🚩 Kemi - Swedish town - Swedish discoverer Icebreaker experience * - Kemi (overnight)

The Discovery Icebreaker experience (optional project) is recommended to leave Kemi for Sweden at 9:30 in the morning – participate in self funded activities Icebreaker experience (including lunch) – return to Kemi Town at 16:00 in the afternoon. Stay in Kemi Town that night. Reference Hotel: Kemi Scandic Hotel


Get on the Icebreaker, and on the calm ice, the sea water is covered with hard ice. Listen to the hissing sound of ice breaking, and the broken ice hits the ship, causing the sea water to burst. The professional guide on board will lead you to go deep into the cabin, visit the engine room of the cabin closely, lead you to know the Icebreaker, and understand the overview, history and ice breaking principle of Polar Adventure. There is also an opportunity to witness the entire process of crew work in the cockpit. At the same time, you can also wear warm special clothing and experience a magical floating in the ice sea, strolling on the ice.




Four star hotel in the Kemi area (1 night)




Excluding the self paid experience of the discoverer Icebreaker




Food and beverage are not included today (for example, the optional Icebreaker experience includes lunch)

Day 7 - 🚩 Kemi - Santa Claus Village - Crystal Hill Adventure in Los Angeles - Ivalo/Inari (stay)

In the morning, the company guide will pick you up at the hotel and start the dream trip to Lapland. The first stop will be Santa Claus Village (special reminder: Santa Claus Village will have a lot of waiting time in line during the peak tourist season, and this stop only lasts for). This is the largest tourist destination of Rovaniemi in the Finnish Arctic Circle. Every year, countless tourists from around the world send postcards to family and friends from the Santa Claus post office here. Rovaniemi left for the ancient Amethyst mountain of LUOSTO 115 kilometers away. This is the Lapland Old-growth forest area with unique scenery, which makes you feel the natural environment and secret silence of the Arctic Circle. The 20 million year old Amethyst mine is located on the ancient LUOSTO mountain, which is the only remaining amethyst mine still being mined in Europe. After arriving at LUOSTO, you can take a sled train to the mountain The guide will explain the history of the ancient mountain and Amethyst mine, and assign special personnel to guide you how to use the Amethyst mining tools and expertise. The Amethyst excavated (no larger than your fist, can be taken away) can be 100% excavated to your own Lapland Amethyst! After experiencing the treasure exploration Amethyst mine, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery at the top of the LUOSTO Mountain. Here you will be exposed to the clean nature and enjoy the endless magnificent snow scenery. Every December to February is the polar night, and the sunshine time is very short,. When the party arrives in the Inari area


Including hotels


Four star hotel in Ivalo/Inari area (1 night)


Include activities


Visit to Santa Claus Village


Luosto Crystal Hill exploration and excavation+snow train




Including hotel breakfast, excluding other dining options

Day 8 - 🚩 Inari - Enjoying the scenery of Norwegian fjords along the way - Kirkenes, Norway - Imperial Crab Experience - Aurora, Kirkenes, Norway (stay)

Today, Ivalo drove to Norway. There was a classic Norwegian fjord scenery on the way into Norway. When there was less snow on the road, the director would stop at the nearby observation platform at the fjord for a short time to take photos of everyone getting off the road. After arriving at the Barents Sea area, you can personally experience the fishing of king crabs. Under the guidance of the guide, you can change into winter clothes, take snowmobiles, go to the site to experience the process of pulling nets, kill king crabs on the spot, and enjoy a delicious dinner of king crabs in a small wooden house by the sea. It is highly recommended. After nightfall, our accommodation is located close to the seaside, and if you are lucky, you can have the opportunity to see the aurora again near the hotel. stay


Four star hotel in Kirkenes, Norway (1 night)




On site fishing experience of king crab in Kirkenes, Norway (including king crab meal) (special reminder: guests who do not participate should wait near the port)




Today’s itinerary includes hotel breakfast, excluding lunch/dinner

Day 9 - 🚩 Kirkenes - Sami Museum - Inari Lake Area Tour - Sami Peak Viewing Platform - Rovaniemi Group

Today, the journey is more than 500 kilometers, and the journey is long. After breakfast in the hotel, we will drive back. The company guide will lead you to the viewing platform of Kirkenes, overlooking the whole fjord scenery. Along the way, we will pass the Inari area, visit the Sami Museum (tickets included), and learn about the changes of nature and culture in northern Finland. The Siida Nature Center and Sami Museum are the core parts of Sami area, located in the heart of Inari Village, It is one of the best cultural museums in Finland. Passing through the Gold Rushing Museum (with self paid admission fees), passing through the Surrey Mountains, the director will lead you to the mountaintop observation deck, where there is a large area of ancient Finnish forests. Standing on the mountaintop, the watchtower overlooks the most representative forest and snow scenery of Finland in winter. Against the backdrop of sunset, you can see the most picturesque mountaintop scenery of Finland in winter, and before you is a picturesque pink forest fairyland. Dine and stop at the coffee shop here. Back to downtown Rovaniemi in the evening, the group broke up at 19:00 that evening!


Include activities:


Sami Museum Tickets




Today includes hotel breakfast, excluding lunch/dinner




Rovaniemi accommodation is not included in today’s itinerary (to be customized)


***The above itinerary is a reference itinerary, and the travel agency has the right to adjust the itinerary sequence without reducing the number of attractions.


***If encountering weather or force majeure reasons, we will make travel adjustments based on the actual situation.

Day 10 - Rovaniemi's optional activities (dog sledge/reindeer sledge/snowmobile/ice fishing is recommended) - Night Northern Lights bonfire picnic - Rovaniemi

D10 Rovaniemi, one out of four, including shuttle (optional dog sled 3 hours/reindeer sled 3 hours/snowmobile 2 hours/forest hiking+ice fishing (grilled fish) 4 hours), Lapland deep dog sled forest shuttle


2 people per car 9:00-14:00/lasting 4-5 hours


Provide warm equipment: Arctic professional winter clothing, snow boots, gloves This experience is provided by a local third-party event organizer in Finland. The guide will come to the hotel to pick you up and go to Lapland Husky Farm to guide you how to drive a 10 km forest sled and control Sled dog. We will equip you with 6-8 Husky Sled dog according to your weight, Free professional winter heating equipment (clothes/snow boots/gloves) will be provided. After that, we will provide hot drinks and traditional Lapland Dim sum. The rancher will tell you the origin of Lapland Husky and the daily life of Husky. After that, you can take a group photo with the lovely Husky!


[Special Instructions] Please prepare before departure and wait in the hotel lobby 10 minutes before the scheduled transfer room. There is no limit to the number of participants in Finland’s tourist season during Christmas.


You can also choose Lapland reindeer sled/snowmobile/ice fishing activities.

General Information


December 11, 2023- February 29, 2024


Group [1]: landed in Iceland on December 7 December 11 (Iceland flew to Finland) December 16 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [2]: landing in Iceland on December 10- December 14 (Iceland flying to Finland) - December 19 (Rovaniemi leaving)

Group [3]: landing in Iceland on December 14 December 18 (Iceland flying to Finland) December 23 (Rovaniemi leaving)

Group [4]: landed in Iceland on December 17 December 21 (Iceland flew to Finland) December 26 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [5]: landed in Iceland on December 21 December 25 (Iceland flew to Finland) December 30 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [6]: landed in Iceland on December 24 December 28 (Iceland flew to Finland) January 2 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [7]: landed in Iceland on December 28 January 1 (Iceland flew to Finland) January 6 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [8]: landed in Iceland on December 31 January 4 (Iceland flew to Finland) January 9 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [9]: landed in Iceland on January 4- January 8 (Iceland flew to Finland) - January 13 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [10]: Landing in Iceland on January 7th - January 11th (flying from Iceland to Finland) - January 16th (departing from Rovanemi)

Group [11]: landed in Iceland on January 11 January 15 (Iceland flew to Finland) January 20 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [12]: landing in Iceland on January 14 January 18 (Iceland flying to Finland) January 23 (Rovaniemi leaving)

Group [13]: landed in Iceland on January 18- January 22 (Iceland flew to Finland) - January 27 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [14]: landed in Iceland on January 21- January 25 (Iceland flew to Finland) - January 30 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [15]: landed in Iceland on January 25, January 29 (Iceland flew to Finland) - February 3 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [16]: landed in Iceland on January 28 February 1 (Iceland flew to Finland) February 6 (Rovaniemi left)

Mission [17]: landed in Iceland on February 1- February 5 (Iceland flew to Finland) - February 10 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [18]: landed in Iceland on February 4- February 8 (Iceland flew to Finland) - February 13 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [19]: landed in Iceland on February 8- February 12 (Iceland flew to Finland) - February 17 (Rovaniemi left)

Group [20]: landed in Iceland on February 11- February 15 (Iceland flew to Finland) - February 20 (Rovaniemi left)




10 day



Minimum age





Iceland section-

1. Hotel: Provide standard rooms for Samsung and local characteristic hotels in Iceland or selected hotels of the same level throughout the 4-night journey.

2. Participation experience: D2~D4 are boutique Chinese language groups on the itinerary. (Limited to 8 people)

3. Catering: Hotel buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner on your own throughout the entire itinerary

4. Transfer machine bus


Finland section-

1. D5 Helsinki Kemi one-way Arctic train double sleeper

2. D6~D9 are dedicated car drivers and guides for the 8-person boutique Chinese team

3. During the D-D9 period, there will be one free pursuit of the aurora throughout the entire journey (flexibly arranged according to weather conditions)

4. Including 3-night four-star hotel accommodation experience (Kemi/Ivalo/Norway)

5. Arctic King Crab+Snowmobile Ride+King Crab Dinner Experience

6. Ski train sightseeing in Crystal Hill+Amethyst digging experience

7. Sami Museum Tickets

Not Included

× Tip: A total of 64 euros per person for the entire journey, to be collected on-site

× Exit visa fees and processing fees

× Travel insurance expenses

× International/domestic air ticket fees and taxes for round-trip transportation

× Other items not mentioned in the 'cost includes' section

× Icelandic section experience: Blue Ice Cave experience, plane wreckage, comfortable tickets for Blue Lake Hot Springs

× D5 Helsinki shuttle pick up

× D6 Discovery Icebreaker day trip experience (including round-trip shuttle, including lunch)

× D10 Rovaniemi dog sledge or reindeer sledge and other optional play experiences

× Excluding D9 Rovaniemi's accommodation that night

× Full meal expenses to be borne by oneself

Cancellation policy

Free refund and change within 3 months prior to travel, and 50% of the group fee will be deducted from the refund and change within 1-3 months. It cannot be refunded or changed within one month before the trip.

Meeting Point

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