Húsavík Original Whale Watching

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Get closer to whales and wildlife on the Original Húsavík Whale Watching tour that has built a reputation for Húsavík as the Whale Watching Capital of Iceland

Price from 11,284 ISK
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3 hours



✓Over 97% average success rate of whale sightings
✓Húsavík is the best locations in the world for Whale Watching
✓Free Under 7 years

Free Cancellation

Free Cancellation

Free cancellation up to 24h before

Explore your Iceland adventure with us

Tour Description

Observe whales, dolphins and sea birds in their natural habitat on this 3-hour splendid experience while experiencing the natural beauty of Skjálfandi Bay.

Húsavík is a marine lover’s paradise, with over 97% average success rate of whale sightings in the last three decades! The main focus of the tour is to spot and enjoy the presence of marine mammals. Who knows, you might see curious minke whales, breaching humpbacks, playful pods of dolphins or even blue whales, the largest mammal on earth! And yet, each tour is unique. If you’re lucky, killer whales, fin whales and other species could even make an appearance. These amazing animals visit the Bay to feed on the plentiful krill and plankton.

Enjoy a smooth, safe sailing in a traditional Icelandic oak ship with great viewing decks to explore the home of the whales. Our professional and highly qualified crew will guide you throughout the tour, share great knowledge about whales and fascinating stories from Skjálfandi Bay.

Aside from the numerous whales that make their way to the Bay, keep an eye out for diverse birdlife. You can often see Arctic terns searching for food, Puffins diving in for a swim, and other curious seabirds hovering nearby.

On the way home, treat yourself to complimentary refreshments served onboard – hot chocolate and cinnamon buns! An original family recipe. Recommended by thousands of satisfied travellers worldwide, the Húsavík Original Whale Watching tour is an authentic wildlife adventure by North Sailing, the pioneers of whale watching in Iceland with over 25 years of experience. North Sailing Whale Watching is dedicated to excellent customer service, so you’ll get a fantastic experience every time!

General Information


Daily 1 May – 30 September


3 hours





Minimum age



√ Hot chocolate and cinnamon buns
√ Expert whale watching guide
√ Warm overalls and raincoats if needed

Meeting Point


Do I have to book the whale watching tour in advance?

We highly recommend you to book your whale watching tour in advance! Because of the great demand for our Húsavik whale watching tours and sailing trips, we recommend booking with few days notice.

Are we certain to see whales?

Whales are wild animals that roam freely from place to place covering vast distances in a short amount of time. Seeing whales out in the wild can therefore never be guaranteed in the same sense as seeing whales or dolphins in a water park or an enclosed area. What we can guarantee is that the odds of seeing whales on North Sailing whale watching tours are excellent.

Our success in seeing whales over the past 20 years is outstanding and we invite you to visit our whale watching logbooks where you can browse our whale sightings from season to season back in time. In the unlikely event that you don´t see whales on your trip, we’ll offer you another trip free of charge.

What whale species can i expect to see?

The element of surprise is for sure one of the things that makes watching marine wildlife so exciting. You simply never know what species you might come across. Over the years the humpback whale has been among the most commonly sighted members of the cetacean family which includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises.
Minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, and harbour porpoises are seen quite frequently, and the colossal Blue whale has been a regular guest early in the season.

How long are the tours?

All whale watching tours from Húsavík are 3 hours except Whales and Puffins where we spend an extra 30 minutes sailing around Puffin Island.

What happens in case of bad weather or heavy seas?

Your safety is our priority concern. Our captains and crew are experienced sailors, many of whom have a been local fishermen for years. We rely on their judgement when it comes to weather and conditions and whether tours should be cancelled or not.
If you are travelling long distances on the day of your tour, we strongly advise you contact our booking office to check weather conditions (Tel: +354 464 7272).

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