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Iceland is a paradise for photography enthusiasts because its nature is not only beautiful,

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Free Cancellation

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Explore your Iceland adventure with us


Iceland is a paradise for photography enthusiasts because its nature is not only beautiful, but also visually impactful, with many unique landscapes that are not found in other parts of the world. The mysterious and unpredictable northern lights always attract people’s attention. In this 8-day and 7-night winter aurora photography group, you will stay at a four-star hotel throughout the entire journey. Not only will you visit Iceland’s most classic scenic spots, but you will also explore the many niche Icelandic landscapes in a unique way. Combined with the dreamy Blue Ice Cave exploration project, you will have a diverse and dreamy winter trip to Iceland. Global independent landscape photographers will assist you in permanently recording the most beautiful moments with their cameras. Promise to receive at least 100 photos, 10 refinements, 30 seconds of drone aerial videos, and one exquisite album at the end of your itinerary


Day 1 - Landing at Kevlavik International Airport in Iceland - Transfer by shuttle - Reykjavik

Coming to this Iceland is like coming to a paradise and embarking on a journey away from the hustle and bustle of the world. After providing your flight information, the conductor will pick you up outside the terminal building based on your landing time. A 5-9 seat luxury car will escort you to the first stop of this journey – the world’s northernmost capital, Reykjavik


On the way to the capital city of Reykjavik, we passed through a vast lava landscape resembling the surface of the moon. This is also the first impression that many tourists have of Iceland. We have carefully selected a comfortable and cozy hotel for you, located in the urban area of Reykjavik, with convenient travel and perfect for you to explore this world’s northernmost capital. In the evening, you can enjoy the colorful small houses in Reykjavik with a relaxed mood and enjoy the rich Nordic style. Enjoy a meal of Icelandic cuisine on the pedestrian street in the city center.


This trip to Iceland officially begins!


Hotel checked in: Lei City Four Star Hotel

Day 2 - 【 Tour 】 Hua Shao Tong Style - Skoga Falls (Right Tour Location) - Aircraft wreckage - Vicki Beach

Skoga Falls – Location for Game of Thrones


Along the coast and further east is the Skoga Falls. Sk ó gafoss is picturesque: hidden in a small canyon. Along the canyon, the stairs can take you to the shelf above the waterfall and enjoy the magnificent scenery. This waterfall is wider than the Sereyalan Falls and is formed by the melting water of the Eyjafjallaj ö kull glacier, which covers the Eyjafjallaj ö kull volcano. The world will never forget the sunshade eruption of the Eyjafjallaj ö kull volcano in 2010, when even European shipping routes were temporarily closed. Promise me to leave the happiest photo here.


Aircraft wreckage – “Astronaut’s Sunset Base”


In 1973, a US Navy aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on the black beach of S ó lheimasandur on the southern coast of Iceland due to a malfunction, and has since been abandoned here. On a desolate and vast black sand beach, the tattered rough metal body is even more poignant, mysterious, and shocking against the backdrop of dark sandstone. A landscape like the end of the day perfectly interprets Iceland’s sense of isolation and otherness, attracting many local and global photographers to visit. Nowadays, this has become one of the most exciting destinations for checking in and taking photos in Iceland.




Due to personal safety considerations, if a shuttle bus fails to operate as scheduled at the aircraft wreckage attraction, the attraction will not be visited.


Reynisfjara Black Beach – “The Ultimate World of Black and White”


Huge waves hit the Atlantic coastline, hitting the unique basalt pillars on the cliffs above the sand. You can see D in the distance ý The cliffs of Rh ó laey are also a paradise for bird enthusiasts in the southern region. During the summer, puffins, razors, and dozens of other species build nests on these cliffs.


Breakfast: The hotel includes a classic European breakfast

Chinese cuisine: Icelandic classic cuisine lamb soup

Dinner: None


Hotel check-in: Vick Town (flexible adjustment according to itinerary)

Day 3 - Jiegu Salon Glacier Lake - Blue Ice Cave Exploration * - Diamond Black Beach - Hoffin - Net Red Lobster Dinner

Jiegu Salon Glacier Lake


J ö kuls á rl ó n is a 200 meter deep glacial lagoon, composed of Brei, the outlet glacier of Europe’s largest glacier, the Vatna Glacier ð Melting supply of amerkurj ö kull. The huge iceberg also comes from Brei all year round ð Amerkurj ö kull fell, so lagoons are usually filled with ice floating southward.


Blue Ice Cave


Iceland’s natural journey continues by taking a super Jeep to explore ice caves. Your tour guide will share with you his professional knowledge of ice caves, allowing you to truly appreciate this amazing natural phenomenon – Crystal Blue Ice Cave… it will be blue.


In the winter of Iceland, various blue ice caves naturally form in the Vatna Glacier region every year. We choose to set off from the Jagusharon Glacier and take a super off-road vehicle to explore the largest blue ice cave deep in the glacier. After getting off in the area near the ice cave, we need to wear necessary safety equipment and hike into the dreamy blue ice cave. There you will have some time to explore and take photos, and when there is sufficient sunlight, you will have a rare opportunity to capture the mysterious blue light passing through the glacier. During your adventure, an expert guide will explain how these glacial ice sheets formed. The total experience is about 3 hours, of which the actual walking time is about 1.5 hours.


Please note that the weather in Iceland during winter is unpredictable, and we will adjust the time to explore the Blue Ice Cave based on the actual weather conditions.


Diamond Beach


On the other side of the road, icebergs from the Jagu Sharon Glacier Lagoon float in the Atlantic Ocean, where they are quickly blown back to the shore by tides and winds. This black beach is covered with small ice blocks of various shapes and sizes, shining like diamonds in the sunlight. Ice itself has various shades of white and blue, creating a beautiful contrast.



Breakfast: The hotel includes classic European Western cuisine

Chinese cuisine: None

Dinner: Huofenwang Red Lobster Dinner


Hotel check-in: Huofen

Day 4 - Brunnhorn, Bat Mountain, Selyaland Falls, and Aurora Hunting Journey in the Icelandic Sky Territory

Brunhorn Bat Mountain – a must check in place for photography enthusiasts


The Brunhorn Mountains located in eastern Iceland are simply the best natural interpretation of the Chinese word ‘mountain’. In the local area, its unique shape also gives it a more vivid nickname – “Batman” Mountain. The unique design is also the reason why photography enthusiasts are flocking to it.


Seleyalan Falls – Clock in Flower Little Same Photo Pose


Upon arrival, you will enjoy the powerful dramatic effects of the Serayaran Falls. Bring a raincoat and you can take a short hike behind the waterfall. The scene behind the fall and the trembling ground caused by the force of falling into the water are the filming blockbusters brought by nature!


Aurora Experience:

At the moment of the mysterious Aurora’s appearance, take out the camera and we will shoot your own personal romance for you. After the trip is over, make a beautiful album and send it to you!!

(Aurora is a natural phenomenon, and the time for chasing aurora will be adjusted according to specific circumstances.)



Breakfast: The hotel includes classic European Western cuisine

Chinese cuisine: Icelandic specialty Arctic fish meal

Dinner: None


Check in: Reykjavik

Day 5 - Golden Circle Golden Waterfall - Geyser - Council Site Park - ION Adventure Hotel

Geyser geothermal area


The Geysir geothermal area has many colorful hot springs. A geyser called Strokkur is a geyser that erupts every 5 minutes and can reach a maximum of 35 meters. It is named after the primitive eruptive hot spring “Geysir”, which gives the name to all geysers in the world, despite being extinct today.


Golden Waterfall


The melting water of Iceland’s second largest glacier, the Lange Glacier, falls into a deep canyon, forming a magnificent “golden waterfall”. On sunny days, you can see the Lange Glacier in the distance, admire the rainbow in the mist of the waterfall, and take large photos waiting to happen!


Singh Villier National Park


We visited places where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates are far away from each other. There are few places in the world where this large-scale geographical activity can be better and clearer understood. The largest natural lake in Iceland is also located in the Singh Villier National Park, with a wide variety of fish and birds. Singhvilir is also an important place in the history of the Icelandic nation. In 930 AD, the Icelanders established their parliament here, and the chiefs held their annual meeting here every summer. The name ‘Thingvellir’ is translated as’ Parliament Plain ‘.



Breakfast: The hotel includes classic European Western cuisine

Chinese cuisine: specialty Chinese cuisine


Dinner: None

Feature: Huashao Same Style Geothermal Bread Afternoon Tea Experience


Hotel check-in: ion Adventure Hotel (or equivalent)

Day 6 - Reykjaynes Peninsula, Blue Lake Hot Springs - Geocentric Exploration Volcano Caves - Blue Lake Hot Springs

All the extraordinary attractions on the Reykjaynes Peninsula can help you understand the powerful nature of Iceland and the creative beauty of Blue Lake Hot Springs. Just half an hour’s drive from the Continental Bridge is the unique blue lagoon hidden in the impressive black lava field.


Blue Lake Hot Spring, also known as Bl á a L ó ni in Icelandic ð, It is a geothermal hot spring/resort located in the Reykjaynes Peninsula, and Blue Lake itself is known as one of the modern wonders of the world, becoming increasingly popular since its use in 1976. The lagoon is artificial, and the water is supplied with hot water through local geothermal water plants. Nearby towns. In 1971, factory workers created the original swimming pool as a place for bathing and relaxation. By 1981, locals joined their ranks and ultimately established Blue Lagoon Company in 1992, constructing facilities that today serve lagoon guests.


Exploring Volcano Caves in the Earth’s Core

Explore the magnificent lava tunnel Raufarh ó lshellir, which is one of Iceland’s longest and most famous lava pipes. It is only 30 minutes away from Reykjavik and has convenient transportation throughout the year.


The journey into Raufarh ó lshellir is a unique experience and an excellent opportunity to witness the internal workings of volcanic eruptions, as people walk along the lava path that flowed during the Leithahraun eruption that occurred approximately 5200 years ago east of the Bl á fj ö ll mountain range. Every winter, spectacular ice sculptures form inside the entrance of the cave, making the experience of visiting the lava tunnel even more breathtaking.


Hotel checked in: Lei City Four Star Hotel


Breakfast: The hotel includes classic European Western cuisine

Chinese cuisine: Chinese cuisine includes


Dinner: None

Day 7 - Harlems Cathedral - Harper Hall - Tonning Lake - Icelandic Companion Gift - Postcard

After visiting the natural scenery of Iceland, today we will give everyone a full day to freely experience the city of Iceland.


Harlems Cathedral

Reykjavik’s most iconic scenic spot is located at the highest point in the city center area, and can be seen at a glance from any angle. Climbing to the Halgrimms Cathedral in the city center, you will see the colorful roofs with Nordic characteristics, with the sea in front and mountains on the side; The streets are clean and tidy, with vehicles and pedestrians walking leisurely.



Feeding swans and wild ducks at Tj ö rnin Lake in the city center is definitely the most local activity in Reykjavik. Many wild birds live in Lake Tonning, swimming quietly in the lake, occasionally scratching their heads with their flippers, and more often just drifting motionless. Everyone likes to observe these cute little creatures on the bench by the lake.


Harper Concert Hall

When taking photos in Harpa, it’s important not to just capture the exterior, as there are more surprises inside. This is the best place to capture the interweaving of light and shadow. The honeycomb shaped glass exterior wall refracts sunlight into the concert hall, creating a spectral and colorful world of light and shadow, quickly making Harpa one of Reykjavik’s top scenic landmarks.


Check in: Lei City Four Star Hotel

Recommended cuisine: B Å jarins beztu – Reykjavik’s best ice cream shop Vald í s near Old Port, Bryggjan Bruggh ú s, a restaurant that specializes in craft beer, The CooCoo’s Nest, a recommended Michelin restaurant Matur og Drykkur

Day 8 - Lei City - Special Car Delivery - Departure

Today is the day you depart from Iceland and return home. Based on your flight, we will pick you up from your hotel in the capital and take you to Kevlavik International Airport in Iceland.


If your flight is late, you will be fortunate to have more free time to travel in the capital. You can visit the city of Reykjavik for sightseeing, visit the city’s attractions, visit various museums and art galleries, shop in the city center, visit Iceland’s Nordic style design shops, or take a seat in restaurants, cafes, and bars.


I hope your trip to Iceland will be fulfilling and successful. Goodbye next time!

General Information


December February, every Monday and Thursday




8 day





Group size

6 people


Door to door transfer machine

2. 7-night four-star hotels and hotels of the same level throughout the entire journey

3. D2-D6 Chinese language group of 6 people throughout the entire journey

4. D2-D4 signed a professional level photographer to lead a team of 6 high-quality Aurora groups (with a complimentary Aurora Chasing experience)

5. Bus for shuttle transportation of aircraft wreckage

6. Blue Ice Cave+Super Off Road Vehicle Experience

7. Comfort ticket for Blue Lake Hot Spring

8. Lava tunnel lava exploration cave

9. Meals: The entire hotel includes 7 mornings+online red lobster meal * 1+lamb soup * 1+Arctic sea fish meal * 1+geothermal bread afternoon tea * 1+Chinese food * 1

10. 100 original films+10 refined films

11. Drone aerial photography 30 second video

12. Present 10 Icelandic travel photo albums as gifts (within 1-60 days, mailed to guests, only within mainland China)

Not Included

1. Exit visa fees and processing fees

2. Travel insurance expenses

3. International/domestic air ticket fees and taxes for round-trip transportation

4. Tip: 8 euros/person/day, total: 40 euros/person to be paid after the trip ends

5. Individual Chinese meals and dinners need to be taken care of by oneself

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