Finland & Norway 3 days mini group Chinese guided tour(8pax max)

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3 day



Free Cancellation

Free Cancellation



Day 1 - Rovaniemi - Santa Claus Village - Amethyst Mine - Inari

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village in Finland is the happiest and most fairytale-like village in the world, known as the “Queen of the North”. This is the legendary hometown of Santa Claus. In fact, over one million tourists come to this kind old man with a treasure trove of gifts every year. Witnessing the true face of Santa Claus is what every tourist looks forward to most. . The snow-capped scenery in the Arctic Circle is equally fascinating, and if you are lucky, you can also see the psychedelic aurora, which makes people shout of praise.

Amethyst Mine

The sustainable Lampivaara Amethyst mine is possibly the only gemstone mine in the world that welcomes visitors. The Amethyst mine is located on the top of the hill. The owner tells the story about mine and describes the process of mining. After the introduction, you will go upper to dig up the lucky amethyst for yourself, that has waited 2000 million years to be found. Of course, you will be provided with special equipment and snow-cat lift you on the hill. During the midwinter time, when a veil of darkness covers Lapland, you may even see the Northern Lights in the middle of the day.

you will hop on to the snow-cat, a large snow vehicle, to the Lampivaara Amethyst mine. You will get the tools and a guidance to dig out you very own rare, hidden gemstones. Before and after your search for the amethyst with the support of your professional guides, you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding snow-covered Lappish landscapes also because the mine is located in the border of a beautiful Pyha-Luosto national park.

Day 2 - Inari - snow hotel - Kirkenes king crab fishing - Kirkenes

 snow hotel 
Kirkenes Ice Hotel is located in the small town of Kirkenes in South Waranger, Finnmark. This charming ice and snow world first opened to the public in 2006 and has been a great success.There are more than 20 rooms in the ice hotel, the diameter of the room is 5 meters, and all the related facilities for tourists to stay overnight are prepared. The ice hotel rebuilt every year has a different theme. Each room is decorated with exquisite snow sculptures on the wall. You can also see various lifelike ice sculptures in the hotel. These art works are carved by ice sculpture masters from Harbin, China. , Under the illumination of various colors, it is more beautiful and moving.

Kirkenes king crab

This tour is by Snowmobile, and you will ride in the sled. Our fisherman/guide will pick you up at your hotel, and take you on a 15 minute ride to the Snowhotel Kirkenes camp outside Kirkenes. Here your guide will help you dress and give you a security instruction, before getting on the snowmobile sled. Then the journey starts and we drive out on the fjord ice to find the holes where the King Crab traps are set. You will help pulling the cages up from the depths, heavy with King crab. Your knowledgeable guide will tell you interesting facts about the fascinating and huge King crab, as we look at the crabs, and prepare them for dinner. After getting some mandatory pictures with your big catch, we had back to the Snowhotel restaurant. Next step on the journey is learning how we cook the crabs. After that, its time to relax in the restaurant and enjoy the view with a cup of coffee or tea, while the Crabs are being steamed. The Crab legs are served northern Norwegian style with bread, butter,mayonnaise and lemon, and our expert will also teach how to open the legs like a king or queen. Drinks, as wine, beer or mineral water can be ordered by the table. After the meal our driver will take you back to your hotel in Kirkenes.

Day 3 - Kirkenes - sami museum - Lake Inari District Tours - Rovaniemi

sami museum

SIIDA consists of two parts, the Sámi Museum and the Northern Lapland Nature Centre. SIIDA is both an exhibition center and a conference center. It shows the development and changes of the nature and culture of northern Finland from the Ice Age to the present, showing the Sami culture of various periods. According to the archaeological artifacts on display, the history of human habitation in the area can be traced back to the prehistoric period 9,000 years ago

Lake Inari

Lake Inari, located in the Arctic Circle in northern Finland, is the largest lake in Lapland and the third largest in Finland. The Ivalo River flows in from the southwest, and the lake enters the Arctic Ocean through the Patz River from the east. There are more than 3,300 islands in the lake, the most famous of which is Cemetery Island. The lake is a good place for boating and fishing. From November every year, the frozen lake provides a natural place for people to play snowmobiles and horse-drawn sleighs. In addition, the lake has a wide view, clean air and no light pollution, so it is also an ideal place to watch the aurora. On the southwestern shore of the lake lies the town of Inari, the commercial center of the Lapi province. The Lapu Cultural Museum in the town exhibits the history and culture in detail

General Information


December - January,Tuesday / Friday




3 day



Minimum age




Group size

8 people


√ Chinese guide up to 8pax mini group
√ LUOSTO Amethyst Mine Visit
√ 2 nights hotel

Not Included

× Meals not included unless stated
× Tips to the driver 24 EUR per person

Cancellation Policy

1. no refund if cancelled or modified within 7 days prior to departure, 80% refund if cancelled or modified between 7-14 days before departure, full refund if cancelled more than 14 days before departure.
2. No refund for orders with departures during Chrismas season.

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