冰岛过圣诞节时,有一些注意事项可以帮助你更好地融入当地的文化和传统: 尊重当地的习俗:冰岛有一些独特的圣诞传统,比如烛光亮起的陶瓷圣诞树和羊角面包。尊重并参与当地的习俗,可以让你更好地体验当地文化。 注意天气条件:冰岛圣诞节时,天气通常非常寒冷且多雪。确保你有足够的保暖衣物和防寒措施,以便应对寒冷的天气。 订餐和预订:圣诞节期间,冰岛的一些餐馆和旅游景点可能会关闭或者提前预订座位。如果你计划在圣诞节期间用餐或参观景点,最好提前进行预订。 尝试当地美食:冰岛有一些特色的圣诞美食,如熏鲑鱼、传统烤肉和奶油蛋糕。尝试当地美食是了解当地文化的好方法。 参加圣诞市集和活动:在冰岛的主要城市,圣诞市集和活动是不可错过的体验。逛逛圣诞市集,参加当地的庆祝活动,可以感受到圣诞的氛围。 尊重当地的宗教信仰:冰岛有许多人信奉基督教,圣诞节对于他们来说是一个宗教节日。尊重当地人的宗教信仰,避免冒犯他人。 希望以上提示对你有所帮助,祝你在冰岛度过一个愉快的圣诞节!

Arriving early in Iceland? Here is a list of what you can do!

Passengers arriving from Canada and the US often have early stopovers in Iceland. So, even after fulfilling the airport chores, you might have an abundant amount of time as the flight arrives almost 5-7 hours before most  schedules start. Unfortunately, you might have two options, namely changing the hotel or waiting at the airport lobby….

7 Reasons why you should Rent a Camper Van in Iceland

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Top Glacier Experiences in Iceland

Top Glacier Experiences in Iceland With over 250 glaciers, Iceland’s famed ice caps draw the crowds. You can enjoy various activities, including hiking across glaciers, exploring ice caves, snowmobiling atop volcanoes covered in ice, kayaking in glacial lagoons with icebergs, and boat tours. You can also visit the non-icy products of Iceland’s glaciers, including its…

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Events and Festivals in Iceland

Below, you’ll find some of Iceland’s most important events. Consider planning your trip so that you can attend one of them. January 6th – Tþrettándinn To mark the official end of the Christmas festivities and the start of a new year, Icelanders build bonfires, set off fireworks, and sing traditional songs in public squares, while children sculpt mythical…